VM Foundation Reaffirms its Commitment to Healthcare in Jamaica

The Daily Gleaner
May 11, 2018
The Victoria Mutual Foundation (VMF) will be taking the Adopt A Clinic programme to the diaspora, a move aimed at bolstering healthcare in Jamaica.
Minister of Health Dr Christopher Tufton, who brought greetings at the launch of the Foundation on Tuesday, said there was great need for sustainable partnerships towards the improvement of public health.
“Public health is a partnership that very much parallels mutual societies like VM. It involves combining efforts to support sustainable initiatives like Adopt A Clinic, which implores Jamaicans to take responsibility for their health at a primary level before they have a need to get to the hospitals,” Tufton said.
The minister also used the opportunity to express his gratitude for the foundation’s support in bringing Adopt A Clinic to a new height through exposure to their clients in the diaspora.
“We commend the VM Foundation and hope they will be an example for other organisations to follow for the betterment of health, wellness and quality of life in our communities both locally and internationally,” he said.
Manager of VMF Brigette Levy said the organisaton will mobilise the diaspora so that they can learn about the programme and have a platform to give back to a primary healthcare facility in their community.

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