VM Foundation Aims To Transform Lives

The Daily Gleaner
May 9, 2018

Chairman of Victoria Mutual Foundation, Courtney Campbell (left), receives a plaque from chairman of the Victoria Mutual Group, Michael McMorris, at the launch of the Victoria Mutual Foundation held at the Knutsford Court Hotel, St Andrew yesterday.


The Victoria Mutual Group, in keeping with its commitment to empowering individuals within Jamaican communities, locally and in the diaspora, officially launched the Victoria Mutual Foundation (VMF) yesterday, during a ceremony at The Knutsford Court Hotel in St Andrew.
With the objective of positively transforming the lives of Jamaicans globally, the VM Foundation’s projects will focus on leadership and nation building, youth empowerment and improving health and family life.
Courtney Campbell, chairman of the VM Foundation, said that at the core of their collective mission is the desire to empower and uplift Jamaicans, and helping them to realise their goals and true potential.
“It is our intention to let the work of the foundation be a catalyst for a much broader, nationwide growth in volunteerism, and to ignite a spirit of selflessness that will lead more persons to actively help others in different ways,” Campbell said.
According to the chairman, from their partnerships working with the British Council, and their support for the Ministry of Health’s Adopt-A-Clinic initiative, the organisation will constantly pursue activities that will benefit communities.


“Our branches across the island will showcase the foundation’s work and opportunities to help, as we encourage others to contribute. Together we can make a real difference and create real change,” Campbell added.
Meanwhile, Michael McMorris, chairman of Victoria Mutual, said persons can expect to hear a great deal about the activities of the foundation as they move with purpose and enthusiasm to execute their mission to transform lives.
“We believe that by playing our part to assist in a tangible way, we will ultimately be uplifting Jamaica and our collective prospects for a better tomorrow,” McMorris said.
The Victoria Mutual Foundation has been established as the vehicle through which Victoria Mutual will positively transform the lives of Jamaicans globally.
For 140 years, the Victoria Mutual Group has remained committed to improving the quality of life through philanthropic efforts and business imperatives.


The main areas of focus under each banner are:
– National Leadership and Prayer Breakfast
– Governor General Achievement Awards
– Schools/PTA Resource
Mobilisation and Training Programme
– Scholarships
– Social enterprise in secondary schools
– Financial literacy for young people
– Under-13 football coaches development programme.
– Marriage and the Family Seminar
– Adopt-A-Clinic, in partnership with the Ministry of Health
– Healthy Lifestyles, which will utilise social media to highlight the importance of
prevention, early detection and care for a range of lifestyle illnesses.

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