BCIC Loves Without Limits On Valentine’s Day

The Daily Gleaner
February 23, 2018

Simone Foote (left), British Caribbean Insurance Company’s marketing manager, and Michelle Anderson, general manager – sales and distribution, share a candid moment at last week’s Love Without Limits event in New Kingston.


British Caribbean Insurance Company (BCIC), shared ‘The Best Feeling’ ever last week when the organisation teamed up with Mello FM and Barry G for an outside broadcast that brought customers a range of exciting offers and giveaways.
To celebrate Valentine’s Day outside of its New Kingston branch on Knutsford Boulevard, BCIC spent the day sharing the love, including offering $5,000 off any new policy; free Amber Connect tracking and security device (including installation) for all existing motor policyholders and anyone who signed up for a new policy; $2,500 cashback on comprehensive motor vehicle insurance and home insurance for My JPS Rewards cardholders.
Customers also received Safe Driver Discounts, Anti-Theft GPS Discount, No Fault Discount and VMBS Savers and Mortgage Discount.
“It was great to meet our customers, both old and new, face to face. You don’t get to hear feedback from the consumer on what’s working and what isn’t as often as you would like, and this event provided the perfect opportun-ity for this. I loved it,” said Peter Levy, managing director at BCIC.
Formed in 1962, the company began when two law firms, Myers Fletcher & Gordon and Judah & Randall, then acting as insurance agents, merged their insurance operations to form British Caribbean Insurance Agents Limited.
The agency later formed an association with the international agency, Eagle Star Insurance Company Limited, to form British Caribbean Insurance Company Limited on October 23, 1962.
Throughout the years, BCIC has undergone a number of changes in its ownership structure and had been operating as an independent entity of the ICD Group Limited until December 2010, when it merged with Victoria Mutual Insurance Company (VMIC), an established insurance company that had developed out of the Victoria Mutual Building Society.
This merger saw the companies integrating under the BCIC name, with 68.5 per cent ownership being maintained by the ICD Group Limited and 31.5 per cent by the Victoria Mutual Building Society (VMBS).


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